How Many Yeezy Proxies You Need to Cop The Yeezy 350 V2 Cream White

When the Yeezy 350 V2 cream white drops sometime in September, the whole sneaker game will change. It already started, actually. Sneakerheads are clearly expressing their fear of Yeezys losing their value due to recurring high stock levels. And that fear is justified since most people who cops to sell, knows for sure that copping a pair or two will not be enough. So to make up for the potential decrease in resale value, sneakerheads now must cop tens of pairs to guarantee they make some profit. This looks like a job Yeezy proxies.

Yeezy 350 V2 Cream White Re-release


This fall, millions of pairs of the Yeezy 350 V2 Cream will drop, and almost everyone will get a chance to cop them. So forget about Ls that day. You alongside Tens of thousands of sneakerheads will cop. The question is; How many pairs?

With everyone believing they have a chance, things will not be easy as you may have thought. In fact, you need to play it carefully this time, if you’re planning on copping a valuable share of the stock.
So, you need to buy Yeezy proxies that are highly optimized for this release. They need to be fast and powerful, and MANY. Add to that that they need to be optimized location wise, otherwise you will lose the advantage of this stock level.

Having Yeezy proxies that are location optimized decreases ping latency and makes your communication with sneaker sites and copping much faster. The only difficulty you might face here is the limited number of Yeezy proxies. Due to high demand, and high stock level everyone will buy proxies. So try to make a deal with a proxy provider you trust, or one with a great reputation on the market, and have them reserve some Yeezy proxies for you. You really don’t want the word “Sold Out” to mess up your plans.


Beyond Yeezy Proxies


Other than Yeezy Proxies, you will definitely need a Yeezy bot. Don’t let the high stock level trick you. Kanye’s plan was always to make Yeezys available for everyone. Add to that the 1 pair per customer rule, and you’ll barely make it out with a pair. Here, a Yeezy bot would do the trick. Powerful Yeezy bots are able to automate and increase the speed of the purchase process. In addition, most of these bots support and are able to manipulate many Yeezy proxies at the same time.

Yeezy bots can manage to assign a different proxy to every purchase task. That way you’d be able to cop many pairs of the Yeezy 350 V2 Cream White, fast and without risking a ban.

Other than Yeezy proxies and bot, you will probably need to rent a Yeezy server. Yeezy servers can sometimes be the thin hair between a W and an L.

When you run your bot on a Yeezy server you’re getting all the power and resources you need to run as many tasks as you need. Your own device can be rusty and outdated but your bot will still perform as it would running on a beast of a device. This will give you a fair chance in the face of all expert sneakerheads you’ll face that day.


Why So Many?


Yeezy proxies for Yeezy 350 v2 cream white


The reason you need so many proxies is that you want to cop many pairs. And this time, you need more pairs in order to make some profit, or the same profit 2 or 3 pairs would’ve made you back in the days. But as long as you got a Yeezy bot, Yeezy proxies, and a high stock level, you’ll do just fine. Plus, think about it this way, the more pairs you get the more control you’d have over resale prices.

The Fall season starts sooner than you think, and if you’re planning on winning the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White, you need to be ready.

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