How to Prepare for the Yeezy Desert Rat 500 Release?

With a new release coming soon, you’re probably wondering how to be fully ready for when the Yeezy Desert Rat 500 Drops. Copping Yeezys is a very delicate process that requires preparations and having the right tools. SO read on to know exactly what you need and how to use it.


Buy a Bot


If you’re dead-serious about copping the Yeezy Powerphase Black, you probably know that you will need a sneaker bot. Because you also know that chance of you copping manually, just don’t exist. Most sneakerheads already use bots, and that’s why Yeezys sell out in almost no time. So for you to beat such a fierce competition, without a bot is just a dream.
Now, which sneaker Bot to choose? And which one is the best? These are common questions that every sneakerhead has the right to ask. Buying a sneaker bot, despite being a long-term investment, is costly.  Powerful sneaker Bots can cost you now between $200 to $300 on average. So anything that’s a lot cheaper is risky to buy. And a bot that costs a lot more is exaggeratedly expensive and is probably not so good.

A reliable sneaker bot will have a Twitter account flooded with success tweets and a great customer support team. It will also provide you with unlimited tasks to cover for all your sneaker copping needs. Let alone having a great history, a good reputation and a consistent performance on every release.
For the next release, you need to check on which sites will the Yeezy Powerphase Black drop, and double check that the bot you’re buying supports these sites.
You’d be surprised to know that some sneaker bots don’t even support Adidas.
And now after you’ve bought a sneaker Bot, it’s time you set it up as instructed.



Test The Bot


You need to test your bot before the release day. Although most professional Bots are easy to use, you shouldn’t wait until release day to use them. You need to get yourself familiar with all its features and check that the whole process is going smoothly.

So put in a fake payment method and go through the steps to buy sneakers. Try buying from the same site you’re planning on copping the Yeezy Desert Rat 500 from. Make sure the bot is able to find the shoes, add them to cart, and tries checkout. Of course, in this case, the purchase will not go through because of the fake billing information. But at least you’ll know if the bot is able to cop or not. But in case it couldn’t, you will need to contact support to solve any technical issues.


Buy Proxies


Next on your shopping list should be sneaker proxies. In fact, if you’ve chosen a reputable sneaker bot, you’ll probably find that there are certain proxies that work best with it. Go to the bot’s Twitter account, and observe the shoutouts. Usually, users will mention the proxies they used along with the bot. So this way you’ll have an idea on which proxies to buy. If for some reason you couldn’t get a hold of these proxies, here’s how to decide on something else.

You have a big decision to make when selecting a proxy. While the cheap you might want to get a free proxy, you will need to pay to buy dedicated proxies from a reliable provider. Dedicated proxies come with enough bandwidth to help you cop the Yeezy Desert Rat 500. In addition, you won’t need to share IPs with other people when you choose dedicated proxies. So no one sharing the bandwidth or causing your IPs to get banned.


Test The Proxies


You will get a number of IP addresses when you buy proxies from a provider. Each one will grant you access to Adidas and other sneaker sites. And although you paid for these proxies, and expect them all to work, you should still test them. You need to make sure they’re all functional, fast and reliable before release day. If they turn out to be no good, they might simply be banned. So request that the provider replaces your proxies with new ones that actually stand a chance.


Proxies With The  Bot


Now that you have a sneaker Bot and sneaker proxies, you need to make them work together. That’s the only way you’ll cop the Yeezy Desert Rat 500. Most bots allow you to easily add as many proxies as you want. ANd that’s what gives you multiple chances at copping. The main point of adding proxies to a sneaker bot is assigning a different proxy to every purchase. It will then appear as if different people are buying at the same time. So if you’re serious about overcoming the 1 sneaker per buyer rule, sneaker proxies are essential.


Payment Method


You tried a fake payment method, now it’s time for the real deal. You need to make up your mind on the payment method before release day. Inserting your billing information is a time-consuming process. And you need to spare every second for the release day. So if you’re paying with your Credit Cards, make sure they have enough money, and that they’re not expired. If you’re going to use PayPal, also make sure you have more than the amount you need to pay. But no matter what, test your payment method, buy something cheap and make sure the payment gets through. When it does, it means you’re ready to cop your Yeezys.


 Sneaker Server


Now, you may tell yourself you’re ready, but unless you own n incredible computer, you’re not quite ready yet. What you need more to optimize your copping experience is a sneaker server or a VPS. A VPS gives you access to powerful resources you need to cop the Yeezy Desert Rat 500 very fast. You’ll be able to get through the buying process before anyone else. As if you are running your bot on a supercomputer. When you’re running your sneaker bot on a VPS, you’re utilizing this server’s performance and technology to buy your Yeezys. These servers are mostly affordable and easy to use. Regardless of the computer, you’re using at home, you can simply log in and access your own VPS.


Yeezy Desert Rat 500



The Yeezy Desert Rat 500 might be the First Yeezy to drop in 2018, specifically in March. And though we still have no information regarding which colorway is dropping this time, we know it won’t cost you $760. We really hope this article helps you choose the best sneaker Bot, server, and Proxies for this upcoming release.

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