Where to Buy the Yeezy 500 SALT On Friday November 30th

Doesn’t it seem that Yeezys are becoming more available for anyone to purchase? The brand that had a reputation for selling out in mere seconds is now staying in stock for a number of days. What’s better is that Yeezys are getting easier to cop by the release! Real sneakerheads can finally make the collection of their dreams. So update your collection of Yeezys by copping the Yeezy 500 Salt from the list of retailers below.

This Release Isn’t For Everyone

Let this serve as a fair warning. If you’re a reseller, this release isn’t your best option. Since Yeezys are becoming less and less exclusive, the resale price on them is dropping. Now, there isn’t anything wrong for trying to cop it at retail and placing it on the resale market to try your luck. Because eventually, this sneaker will sell out and no longer be available at retailers. Here is where you come in. You can place a high ask and play around with the asking price based on the bids. Then when you’re in need of some quick money, you can just sell it to the highest bidder.

This release is for those guys and gals who were never able to make it to the front of the line. The people who had to pay extra to get their pairs. This time those people get a chance to buy the Yeezy for retail price. There will still be a huge line, but at least when you get inside, there’s your pair. That is, as long as your size doesn’t run out.

Maybe even people who never thought of getting a pair because they thought Yeezys were “too mainstream” will try to cop them. Yeah, they’ll cop and flex very subtly, wearing it to random places as if it’s no big deal. As if they can afford to get Yeezys any time any day.

Adidas Yeezy 500 ‘Salt’

This colorway is the fourth one to come out. We started with the Super Moon Yellow, then the Blush, to the Utility Black. Now ENTER the Salt colorway.

  • Release Date: Friday, November 30, 2018
  • Price: $200 USD
  • Style Code: EE7287
  • Color: Salt/Salt/Salt

Where to buy (Store/Site List):


This time you may not even require a sneaker bot. Cop manually and use Yeezy proxies to improve your chances at copping your size before it sells out.

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