4 Upcoming Releases You Won’t Cop Without Sneaker Proxies

One can never stress the importance of having sneaker proxies enough. Every time a hyped release is about to drop, sneakerheads run to stock on some proxies to secure some Ws. But come the month of May, the sneaker proxies talk, is going to get even more serious. Pharrell Williams and Adidas are dropping a new pack of their infamous NMD Human Race. And as if that wasn’t enough for you to frantically go buy proxies, the 4 pairs are going to be China-exclusive.

After celebrating India’s Holi festival back in March, Pharrell Williams’ sneakers are going to China. And if you got a single sneakerhead bone in you, you should know it’s gonna be a hyped release. Now, as a sneakerhead, you will face some new problems on this release. Problems you didn’t have to deal with before.

The first one is competition. And it’s not just your every-release competition, we’re talking about you going against over a Billion people who consider themselves more worthy of the kicks than you. Stranger! This release being China-Exclusive means it’s dedicated to that nation, and you don’t wanna get between the people and their kicks.


Chinese Sneaker Proxies


The other problem is location. My fellow sneakerhead, unless you’re in Beijing in May, you can forget about copping even shoelaces. Even if you’re using a sneaker bot, chances are you live a couple continents away, and that will bring your copping chances DOWN. A sneaker bot can always help you cop faster than a regular user, but it’s a matter of minutes before sneaker sites catch your IP address and ban it.

What you need to solve that problem are sneaker proxies. They offer you the multiple chances you needed to increase the number of trials you get. Every extra proxy is an extra pair you can secure for yourself or clients.

But in the case of the Pharrell Adidas NMD Human Race China collection, not any sneaker proxies will work. You’re copping sneakers from abroad, so you need proxies that are location optimized. Located in China and close to Adidas China’s servers. Tricky, right? Well, you’re the one who wants to cop, aren’t you?

Requests made by sneaker proxies that are located in the US or EU will take a lot more time to reach sneaker servers in China. And that will increase your ping latency, even when using a bot. So a functional combination would be a powerful sneaker bot X Chinese sneaker proxies.

This combination allows you to cop as many pairs as you’d like, as fast as you possibly can. So, if you’re serious about building your¬†reselling business you need to cop this upcoming pack. And that can only happen if you’re loaded with the right amount and type of sneaker proxies.


Pharrell X Adidas NMD Human Race China


Sneaker Proxies NMD Human Race China Pack

The China-exclusive pack offers 4 sneakers each with a distinct color, name, and significance.

  1. Happy: Metallic gold
  2. Red: Passion
  3. Blue: Peace
  4. Green: Youth

The 4-sneaker pack is dropping in May 2018, followed by the Afro pack in August. No specific release date has been set yet, so keep your eyes open for some updates soon.

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