How a Sneaker Server Can Cop You All The Sneakers You Want!

Let’s admit this! It can be very frustrating, to see so many people copping the sneakers you’ve been dreaming about for the last couple of months. What’s worse is the amount of money you might’ve already spent, to get nothing in return. But that’s all about to change, thanks to just this one you’ve been missing; a Sneaker Server.

You might have bought the most powerful sneaker bot in the market, and you’ve probably paid a lot for sneaker proxies, but it is still not working. You follow all the right people and accounts on Twitter and you have your tasks ready and running on time. But, just when you got passed splash page and the queue, the stock is sold out.

What you need during these rough times, is a powerful and reliable sneaker server that will help you get past all the obstacles, quickly!


What is a Sneaker Server?


First things first, a server or a VPS is a virtual machine that has its own operating system and runs an internet hosting service. This server acts more like a computer located in a remote location from you. This server possesses more power than your PC could ever have. Now, in the case of a sneaker server, it also has the privilege of being located close to sneaker sites. This physical proximity in addition to the processing power of the sneaker bot, help speeding up the copping process. A speed that was severely lacking without a sneaker server.


How it works?


A sneaker server allows you to install and run almost any type of software program. But of course, there’s one program that interests us the most here; a sneaker bot. You can run your bot on a sneaker server, and this combination allows you to make the most out of everything. The sneaker server’s power and optimal location, the bot’s speed at copping, and the proxies’ anonymity are everything you need to cop.
Once you’re connected to the sneaker server, you can cop any sneakers you want, all while using the server’s resources. That means you won’t be hindered by your computer’s miserable performance.


Added Value


So why this big fuss about sneaker servers? Well, a sneaker server can offer many advantages that all aim to increase your chances of copping the shoes you want.

  • Extra Power

Regardless of how powerful your personal computer is, a sneaker server will always be more powerful, more close to sneaker sites and better equipped to handle release day pressure.

  • Remote Access

Using the authentication information you’re provided with, you’ll be able to access your server anywhere you are. It’s enough to install your bot on the sneaker server, and you’ll have it ready to run whenever you are.

  • Reduced Latency

Thanks to sneaker servers being located near sneaker sites servers, you’ll cop very easily. You will no longer need to worry about ping latency since your requests will seem as if issued from a location nearby.

  • Additional Scalability

The absolutely best part about a sneaker server is its ability to scale up, to meet all your needs. You’d be able to increase the server’s power as much as needed by adding more RAMs, Cores or even customizing the server to your liking. A feature that surely doesn’t exist with your regular PC.

So, now that you know all you need to have a better copping experience, what are you waiting for? Get your Bot ready and get copping!

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