How Sneaker Proxies Can Help You Win Over Sneaker Bots

Regardless of all the changes happening in the sneaker industry, the game is still the same. A very limited release drops and every sneakerhead on the earth rushes to cop it. And, of course, most of these sneakerheads fail at doing so. Only because they refuse to use an all-mighty sneaker bot: that blessed automation software that can help you cop as many sneakers as you want, as quickly as possible.
But what can you do if you’re not willing to use a sneaker bot? If it defies all your sneakerhead beliefs? Or costs more than you can pay? What can possibly help you level up with the biggest hypebeasts out there? Well, Maybe sneaker proxies can help you out.
However, you also need something more. Other than sneaker proxies, a strategy is a must. Planning ahead of time, and following some sneaky tricks can really boost your copping chances.


Buy Some Sneaker Proxies

There’s this myth that circulates among new sneakerheads. That you can only use sneaker proxies with a bot. Or that maybe, you just don’t need them while copping manually. Well, that’s complete BS.

If you ever thought about copping more than one pair, or wanted to multiply your chances, you need sneaker proxies. Or else, you face the consequences of sneaker sites limitations.

On exclusive releases, most sneaker sites allow you to buy a single pair. So, if you happen to get passed queue with your own IP address, you get only one shot. That’s just one pair of Yeezys or Jordans or whatever it is you’re copping.

In terms of resale value, one pair could only make you a little profit. Not what you came here to do. Right? So, sneaker proxies it is!

First, it is of high importance that you buy SNEAKER proxies. Made specifically to cop sneakers. Second, the location of these proxies is very crucial. Sneaker proxies must be located near the sneaker sites’ datacenters so you don’t suffer from ping latency. You want your request to reach sneaker sites ASAP. And get the sneakers you want ASAP.

A third sneaker proxies tip would be, to buy many. Buying a single proxy is the same as not buying any, and using your own IP address. If you get caught for trying to buy multiple pairs, you’re banned. So, you need to buy many proxies and use a different one with every account you’re using to cop. The same way a sneaker bot would do it. Then, you will be in, and out without any complications.


Additional Tips & Tricks

sneaker proxies tips and tricks

Aim at Local Retailers

Every single sneakerhead and their grandma tries to cop from Adidas. That’s the most obvious target. But sometimes this isn’t the wisest decision to make. Although these major sites get a big chunk of the stock, the competition there makes it impossible to cop. So a good move would be to try to cop from sites that aren’t under the radar. This would give you more time to input your information without having the shoes sell out meanwhile.

Another advantage for these sites is that they don’t have restrictions as to how many pairs you can cop. Most of the time. So, you can add to cart, checkout, and repeat, as long as the stock lasts.


Personally, I believe that the Autofill feature in Google Chrome is the best invention ever! Right after Google, of course. Rather than spending long precious minutes filling out your information on checkout, you can just click!

Some sneaker sites aren’t as lenient as Adidas. They don’t keep your shoes in the cart for a long time. Sometimes you only got a minute to fill out your info and checkout. Well, you’d need to be a bot yourself to do so. This speed is why sneaker bots usually win over you.

So back to Google Autofill.

You don’t even need to download anything for this. It is built into Chrome and is rather simple to set up. Just open Chrome and go to the “Settings.” Then, click “Show Advanced Settings” and go to “Passwords and Forms.” Select “Manage Autofill Settings.” You can then add as many profiles as you need.

Now, on release day, you only need to click on the first field on checkout page, and the rest will be filled automatically. That’s a couple of minutes less at checkout! A couple of minutes between a W and an L.

So, you don’t always need a sneaker bot. Sometimes you need some shortcuts and a bunch of badass sneaker proxies, and you’re good to cop!

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