Sneaker Proxies: Your Way to Cop Sneaker Releases Coming This November

You all know the trick when it comes to copping sneakers. You almost can never make it without a sneaker bot, a server, and sneaker proxies. And the more hyped and exclusive a sneaker release is, the more desperately you need those proxies. A whole big bunch of them. But how many will you need when you got a whole month of limited sneaker releases? And will your average ones be enough to cop the kicks you need?

This November you will need proxies like you never did before. Fast, dedicated and release-optimized sneaker proxies. That’s what you’ll need. Why?

Let’s take you through the top 3 reasons why you need sneaker proxies this November!


To Cop!


Well, I think we’ve already established this! But let’s go over this again.
You just can’t make it without sneaker proxies. There’s something about proxies that makes you as a user, more welcomed by sneaker sites. Sneaker proxies are usually located, optimally, close to sneaker sites servers. Reducing your ping latency, aka the time it takes for your requests or messages to reach their destination. In addition, sneaker proxies can help you mask your undesired, and banned IP address and replace it with one, or a few that are completely different. And unbanned. Helping you access any website without any trouble.

One more benefit is the multitude of chances. When you use more than 1 proxy, you’re getting more than 1 chance at copping those sneakers you want so bad. 10 proxies, 10 chances. And so on. So if you want to maximize your copping chances, you need sneaker proxies.



Reselling sneakers

There are 2 types of sneakerheads. Those who cop to flex, and those who cop to sell. And make money. Lots of money! So sneaker proxies are a must if you wanna cop. But what if you wanna cop 2,3 10 or even more pairs. What will you need? More proxies!

Sneaker proxies can also increase your chances at copping several pairs of the shoes you want. It makes sense TBH! If you’re using 10 proxies, and 2 tasks get through to the item page and checkout then, you got yourself 2 pairs. A personal and another one to cover for your expenses. And the more proxies you use, the better chances you have at copping multiples.

You gotta believe this. Every sneakerhead who managed to start a reselling business pulled it off by using sneaker proxies. Loads of them. On every release.


Upcoming Sneaker Releases

sneaker proxies yeezy sesame

Want more reasons to get sneaker proxies? How about 10?
This November, you will need to get more sneaker proxies than you did all year long! 3 Yeezys, 2 Adidas X DBZ sneakers, and the new NMD inspiration pack, all dropping in November!

The holiday season is always a Yeezy season. every year! and this year you will have the Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra, Sesame and the Yeezy 500 salt to choose from. Or not choose, and cop all 3 of them. The Zebras will release on November 9th and the Sesames on the 23rd. However, the Yeezy 500 Salt’s release date is not confirmed yet.

In addition to Yeezys, Jumpman will release the Air Jordan 1 ‘Rookie of the Year’. On November 17th, 2018, Jordan Brand will be releasing one of its most highly-coveted colorways this year. Paying tribute to Micheal Jordan’s ‘Rookie of The Year Award’. And it’s a must cop if you’re into Js.

Moving on to collaborations. Adidas will have two collabs dropping this November. The Adidas X Pharrell NMD Inspiration pack, and the 3rd part of the Adidas X Dragon Ball Z collection.

The NMD pack will feature 4 colorways and is set to drop on the 30th. While the Adidas DBZ pack will include 2 sneakers. The Kamandas representing Majin Buu, and The Ultra tech of Vegeta. While no release date is yet set for this pack, they’re probably dropping towards the end of November.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check with the best proxy providers you know, and stock up on proxies before it’s too late!

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