Sneaker Proxies From High Risk Geolocations

When you’ve just purchased a sneaker bot, the next thing that will come to your mind is Sneaker Proxies. And that’s about right. For a sneaker bot alone would give you “Extra Speed” to cop your favorite kicks but just one chance. So it’s only with proxies that you get multiple chances to cop and mess up as well. Now, of course, it’s obvious that private proxies work better for copping sneakers. It’s also needless to say that residential proxies are a lot less risky to use than datacenter proxies. However, one major issue to consider is the location of these sneaker proxies.


The Issues With Locations


Sneaker Proxies give you several chances at copping by making it seem as if different users are trying to purchase at once but from different geographic locations. But you need to bear in mind that sneaker sites’ servers are located in certain countries in the world. And these countries just like others have their own precautions and criteria on which they rank other countries. Thus some countries are labeled high-risk geolocations.

For example, requests made from proxies located from countries at war raise so many red flags. In the case of a Yeezy Release, for example, why would someone whose country is under fire want to buy Yeezys? So, a request made from such countries probably means that someone from somewhere else on the globe is using a proxy to cop.

Other countries that are blacklisted, are those known for cyber attacks. Countries like China or Brazil are famous for issuing spam and attacks. So requests issued using proxies from such areas are considered threatening.
Another strange but justified reason to black-list a country is politics. In case of any political or diplomatic conflicts, a country would highly suspect a large number of requests issued from a country they’re in conflict with. So you need to stay updated on the latest international news.

Not to mention that sometimes you can simply not access a site because they don’t ship internationally. In this case, you’ll need proxies and a forward shipping address to have your sneakers delivered to you.


Which sneaker proxies to buy?


Well, check, and double check the location from which these proxies originate. It is supposed to be explicitly mentioned on the website from which you’re buying proxies. If it’s not, contact the proxy provider and ask for that critical information.

In case you couldn’t get in contact with the provider, see if they allow for proxy testing. And then try these proxies with the sites you’re copping from. If you’re banned then these sneaker proxies are no good.


Tier 1 countries


So now to the next question. Which countries are considered safe to buy sneaker proxies from?

Simply choose a high-quality proxy that originates in a tier 1 country or in the same country as the sneaker site you’re connecting to. Try to use proxies from Europe or North America if you’re  copping from US Nike, Adidas or Supreme. It’s all logical when you think about it, and once you believe that your location could be what’s standing between you and your sneakers.

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