How can sneaker proxies help you cop limited kicks from abroad?

Sneaker proxies are the greatest creation known to mankind. They can help you on so many occasions in your sneaker copping game. They’re there for you when you need them- so long as they aren’t sold out. They allow you to run your bot over and over again without getting banned by sneaker sites. They save your reputation and help you cop as many kicks as you want for yourself, your friends, and your clients. And if you didn’t know this, sneaker proxies can help you cop from abroad as well.


Using Sneaker Proxies to Cop Overseas


First, let’s go over the different reasons you’d want to cop from overseas. Imagine there’s a location-specific release, it doesn’t take an expert sneakerhead to know that exclusive drops are must cops! Missing out on sneakers just because they aren’t dropping in your country is a bummer. And trying to buy them for resale will break your bank account.

Second, let’s say you live in Australia and Yeezys are dropping on Adidas AU, but only 100 pairs are available. Wouldn’t you kill yourself if you didn’t cop?

Naturally, you want to give yourself a better fighting chance. So you think, “If only there’s a way for me to try copping from UK and US.” Well, that’s what sneaker proxies can be used for.

If you’re running a bot, you can specifically tell your bot you want to cop from a bunch of different locations and pair each task with a proxy. Note that sneaker proxies from X region should be used on sites from X region. Don’t go pairing proxies from Australia for drops in the US. Be especially careful not to buy proxies from high-risk geolocations just because they’re cheap.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? While you’re here, find out how a sneaker server can cop you all the sneakers you want like the Yeezy 500 Blush dropping April 14, 2018.

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