Sneaker Bot Proxies: How Many Proxies Do I Need For a Sneaker Bot?

The hype behind sneaker collecting and reselling is more popular than ever before. Thanks to social media platforms, sneaker bots, servers, and sneaker bot proxies more people are able to cop. Sneakerheads and resellers alike flex their kicks and streetwear style for likes and those ego-boosting DMs.

Sneakerheads are also becoming resellers. What is a more efficient way to make up for paying high prices to look as good on the outside as you are on the inside?

Reselling sneakers can make you some side cash here and there. And when you resell a limited sneaker you can even make double the profit! But limited sneakers are limited for a reason. So how do you cop them?


Do I need a sneaker bot?


When your life revolves around limited edition sneakers so much that it becomes your work, you have no choice but to invest in a sneaker bot. That glorious software that can cop you any sneaker you like in mere seconds. Not only does it cop fast, it can cop BIG. Adding some sneaker proxies to the formula, you’ll be getting as many chances as proxies you have.

This investment is a way to procure the most hyped kicks. Then, you can rock ‘em on your ever-growing Instagram blog and sell ‘em on the resale market. But the gimmick here is to have sneaker proxies, or else your entire scheme will be dropped.


Why do I need proxies when using bots?


Websites want to make copping sneakers fair for everyone. That’s why they have a one account/person rule. Obviously, if you want more than one shoe you need more than one account. That’s because one account will only give you one try. 

However, websites are able to sniff you out if you make several accounts from the same IP address, let alone use a bot. When you use a bot to create several accounts, you need proxies or else you’ll get banned.

Furthermore, lots of proxy providers will try to rip you off for your hard earned cash. They know you rely on them and they’ll try to manipulate you. Sometimes you will end up buying a bundle of proxies at a high price, but the number of proxies will either be too much or not enough. And some of them might not even work or be from high-risk geolocations

So just how many proxies are enough?


How many sneaker bot proxies do I need?


What are the criteria when deciding? It depends. How many sneakers do you want to cop? Based on that, you decide how many accounts you want to run. The best ratio is 1 proxy per task. The maximum you can do is 2 proxies per task, but you’d be taking a risk doing that.

You need to be realistic to know how much you can afford. You don’t want to pay more for your bot and proxies than you can make by reselling the limited kicks you cop. Do the math and see how many sneaker bot proxies you really need, and how many sneakers can they get you in return.
So bottom line, you need as many proxies, as sneakers, you’re intending to cop. Anything less than that number will result in immediate Ls that you may probably never recover from.




We hope this helped you learn how to keep your flexing game strong. Overall, you just feel good about yourself. Especially if you can make up for the money spent on your look from cash made by reselling. So remember the rule: 1 proxy/task (account). Also, find out how to prepare yourself for the Yeezy Desert Rat 500 here.

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