When Should You Have Shoe Proxies to Cop Sneakers in 2018?

People all over the world have been doing the impossible to attain their favorite exclusive Kanye West design with the ever-growing hype of Yeezys. In 2018, we’ve got the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Sesame and Butter, a Powerphase, the Desert Rat, and many elusive shoes. One of the most efficient things these sneaker lovers do to get their Yeezys is buying a bot. Bots allow users a head start in the race for Yeezys, among millions of people online to win. However, a bot’s lightning speed can be detected by sneaker sites such as Adidas and Yeezy Supply, resulting in a ban. This is when shoe proxies come in handy. 


When should I use shoe proxies?


First of all, I want to clarify that to have a shoe proxy, it is not necessary to have a bot. You could want to buy Yeezys twice from the same website using the same device. However, the website will not allow you to purchase more than once from the same device. Following the 1 pair per Buyer rule. So what you will need is to use a shoe proxy and disguise your real IP address. And, if you want to buy Yeezys in bulk using a bot, you will also need shoe proxies. A whole package of them.

The splash page on the Adidas site opens at different times for different countries. You can set up your shoe proxies from different countries on different devices in order to cop at the time of the drop in that region. The shoe proxies must be in accordance with the site location you are trying to cop from. For example, if you are trying to buy Yeezys from EU when the Europe splash page opens, you will need shoe proxies located in Europe. Makes sense? 

Additional, you should be careful about the locations of your proxies. Some locations are high risk and they just won’t benefit you. Don’t let proxy providers scam you by selling you cheap proxies from unheard of locations. Especially not from countries that are known for their diligent hackers like Russia, China, or Brazil.


Finally, why do I need a shoe proxy?


Other than security and anonymity, you’ll need shoe proxies to cop several pairs of Yeezys. However, if you’re just fooling around on Adidas, without the intention of copping, then you don’t need any proxies. When you use multiple shoe proxies to run several accounts to cop several pairs, Adidas will not know that all these proxies refer to you. You will appear to be different people buying different pairs. This will help you avoid getting banned.

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