How Secure is It To Use a Sneaker Bot to Cop Yeezys?

The race for Yeezys as we know it may seem to be at a standstill at the moment, but this could be the calm before the storm. Kanye and Adidas have played it well this Yeezy season to defeat sneaker bot users and put them to shame. Sneaker bots were able to cop a very small percentage of the Semi Frozen Yellow release. It was the least amount of Yeezys bots were able to cop all year. So with this one-on-one fight taking place, is it still safe to use a sneaker bot?

Run A Background Check on Your Sneaker Bot

Before you invest in a sneaker bot, make sure to look them up first. See if they are active on Twitter, how many followers they have, and read people’s comments. Check out their success page and see testimonials. Read their blog, see if they offer valuable information. See how big the company is. See how old it is. Make sure they have good customer support. These things tell a lot about the credibility of the company.

In reality, you’re simply making a purchase from the sneaker site, not from the bot itself. The bot is just the middleman who helps you gain more chances to cop. But make sure to read the terms and conditions to ensure that your personal billing and shipping information remains secure and cannot be seen or used by the company. Learn that if anything goes wrong, they can be held accountable for the issue.


Make Some Copping-only Credit Cards

When shopping online, one may feel like he’s taking a risk. Anxiety kicks in before checking out on any website, no matter how credible it is. Reputation, however, can help calm the nerves. Trusted sites like Adidas, Nike and Yeezy supply make it easier to do the act. While using bots is merely as safe as buying online, the main difference is that you probably wouldn’t want to use a credit card with thousands of dollars in it. Especially that you’ll have to use multiple cards if you’re planning on copping several pairs of sneakers. Obviously, you wouldn’t want the whole family to go broke.

Therefore, don’t put your friends and family at risk by using their credit cards. If you’re using a sneaker bot, just open several bank accounts to have different credit cards. In each account, only put as much as you think you’ll be spending. A logical number. Don’t risk having thousands of dollars in every credit card.


Invest in Good Proxies

I hope you understand exactly why proxies are needed when running a sneaker bot. Your bot is trying to access the same website, e.g. Adidas, several times for several Yeezys. The more accounts you run, the more proxies you need. But it’s not useful to get any proxies you come across online. There are proxies designed specifically for Yeezy releases. They’ve never been used before by anyone. Most importantly, they are strategically located on the map to make the copping process quicker.


In brief, if you want to ensure your safety while using a sneaker bot, you need to do a good background check on the bot, anoint specific credit cards just for Yeezy releases and take your time to invest in proxies that are made for copping Yeezys. It’s important to make sure you’re safe when sharing private information like credit card info and shipping address. So don’t skimp on reading the terms and conditions!


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