Do I Really Need Sneaker Proxies to Cop?

Getting limited edition sneakers like Yeezys NMDs and Jordans can be a tricky process. It usually requires fast internet, fast computers and a really superhuman fast sneaker addict.
And even when all the logistics are there, you only get one chance. One in a million, or in a couple of millions. So to increase their chances at copping, people in the past few years have been relying a lot on sneaker proxies. But the real question is, are sneaker proxies the solution to cop your favorite limited kicks?

 Sneaker Servers and proxies


What are proxies?


First things, first. What is a proxy you may ask? Well, a proxy is a like a “mask” you add to your IP address when accessing the internet. 

When you’re not using Proxies, you’re using your real IP address and thus, providing the sites you access with critical information, like your location.

However, when you use a proxy, it will act as an intermediary. The website you’re accessing will not receive your IP address. Instead, the proxy will send out a different IP address. This address will come from a different location masking your information you feel unsafe giving out.


Not all proxies are the same. In fact, proxies have two types Shared and dedicated. Shared proxies are, obviously, shared by many people. So actually more than one user would be accessing the internet using the same IP address. Dedicated proxies, on the other hand, are private and used by a single user at a time.


So what are Sneaker Proxies?


Sneaker Proxies are Proxies you get with the intention of using when copping sneakers. Working in the manner we’ve discussed above, Sneaker Proxies withhold your information from sneaker sites and give out false information and IP addresses. When you’re using multiple proxies, you’re accessing the same site several times, with different information every time.


Sneaker Proxies

Sneaker Proxies without a sneaker Bot


The controversy over using bots seems to be never-ending. Some people consider using them unethical and others believe it’s their only resort.

That’s why many people still prefer to cop the classic way.

Go to the sneaker site, choose your size and colorway, add to cart and checkout. If only it was that easy!

These people are still true to themselves and their sneakers, clicking hard to get what they want. But some of them have upgraded their copping game, and are using proxies to trick sneaker sites.

There are so many Proxy Providers out there, hooking you up with dedicated diverse and trusted Sneaker Proxies. And the internet is loaded with tutorials on how to set up proxies on your computer.

And just to make it clear, when you’re dead serious about copping, you definitely and undoubtedly need to go for dedicated proxies. Regardless of how you’re copping, never ever go for shared Proxies on a limited release.


Sneaker Proxies with a Bot


Let’s be honest, copping exclusive sneakers is so difficult and sneaker sites keep making it harder. Trying to make the game fairer, each site has a limit on how many sneakers one person can actually cop. Therefore, they block any IP address that’s continuously trying to add-to-cart or checkout.

A bot without proxies behaves just like any hysterical sneakerhead would. With both having just one chance before copping a really big L. And in best case scenario (When actually manage to cop) your bot will probably be discovered and banned before you can cop the second pair.

So Adding Sneaker Proxies to your beloved Bot is a great tactic. You’d be giving yourself multiple chances to cop very fast. So your Bot is in and out in no time but luckily with a lot of Yeezys.




So going back to the main question, Do You Really Need Sneaker Proxies to Cop?

The answer is No. You don’t actually need them. However, you should keep in mind that without Sneaker Proxies, you only have one chance at copping. If you’re copping manually, chances are your Kicks will sell out before you even click add to cart. And if you’re copping with a Sneaker Bot, well trust us when we say, sneaker sites have absolutely no mercy on them.

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