5 Reasons Your June’s Yeezy Proxies Should Be Out of This World!

When you’re in this sneaker game or industry you always need proxies. Really! You never know when a major release drops, so you gotta be prepared, and have a backup stock of Yeezy proxies. And this June, things are no different. You will need to buy large numbers of sneaker and Yeezy proxies if you’re willing to catch up on every release that’s happening. In a few days, June will start and it’s loaded with limited releases, 2 of which are Yeezys. So what do you need to score this June? Sneaker and Yeezy Proxies!


Yeezy Proxies to the Rescue!


We all know that sneaker proxies are essential elements in this whole process. But when the sneakers dropping are Yeezys, then it’s a different story. Not just any proxies would do, you’ll need release optimized and compatible Yeezy proxies.

These are usually created to specifically cop Yeezys from whichever retailer is dropping them that day. Those Yeezy proxies are optimized in location and performance so that you can cop all the Yeezys you need. And because you’re here to cop and become a reselling king, and probably to get more than just 1 miserable chance, you need as many sneaker and Yeezy proxies as possible.

1- Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow

Yeezy proxies: Yeezy 500 supermoon yellow


The Yeezy 500 Super Moon yellow will be the first out of so many hyped releases dropping in June. specifically, it will drop on June 9th, 2018. Yeezys’ resale prices are slightly increasing with time. So if you think about it logically, you can make a good profit if you hold on to any sneaker just long enough before selling.


2- Air Jordan 1 Off white UNC


Air Jordan 1 Off white UNC


Nike surprised the whole world by releasing the Air Jordan 1 Off White UNC without prior notice on SNKRS app. And while some sneakerheads GOT ‘EM, many are still waiting in frustration for a fairer chance to cop. Well, they will be getting this chance on June 9th, 2018, the same day when the Yeezys are releasing. All Virgil Abloh’s work with Nike is hyped, limited, and worth a lot when reselling. But the UNC is one of the most desired and profitable among them. So if you absolutely must have them, you need to have a very powerful sneaker bot alongside a set of crazy sneaker proxies that maybe would do the trick.


3- Air Jordan 4 Cactus Jack

Air Jordan 4 Cactus Jack


Also on June 9th, the Air Jordan 4 Cactus Jack will release, and it’s going to be very limited. The new collaboration with Travis Scott will be worth every penny you pay on a bot, or on Yeezy proxies. The Cactus Jack which will retail for $225, can be sold for over $1800. So make super sure that you’re getting only the best sneaker proxies out there because this sum of money is not a joke.


4- Yeezy 350 V2 Butter



This is another release that will have you begging providers for Yeezy proxies. Therefore, we advise you that you order your Yeezy proxies for the Butter release as soon as you possibly can. V2s are always more hyped, more desired and more valuable at resale. This means the competition will be disastrous, and not any Yeezy proxies will do. You must get dedicated, high speed, location-optimized Yeezy proxies that can help you cop as many pairs as you can. The rumored release date for the Yeezy 350 V2 Butter is June 16th. And man we’re glad it’s not also dropping on June 9th!


5- Air Jordan 4 Levi’s

Air Jordan 4 Levi's

The first version of these sneakers released in denim blue and is selling for around $600. The second time this will drop will be on June 16th, and in 2 colorways Black and white. As the stock level of these sneakers is said to be very low, sneaker proxies are apparently a must. And since you’re probably too confused about which colorway looks best, you’ll be trying to cop both, and that means double up on the sneaker proxies.

So, why don’t you check our dedicated Sneaker and Yeezy Proxies that are carefully made with the best technologies to boost your copping chances and help you rock all the kicks you ever desired.

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