HTTP, HTTPS and Socks Sneaker Proxies, Which Go Best With Your Bot?

With all the hype and interest surrounding limited edition items, people needed to figure out a way to get their hands on those items.Yeezy Sneakers, Supreme gear, and even concert tickets sell out in a blink of an eye, or a click of a mouse. So the only way to do it nowadays is through bots.

Since you’re already here, you probably know about bots, how they work and why people are resorting to them. You also know that even with a bot, you just get one chance at copping your must-have item. Websites dropping limited edition items, especially sneakers, know all about your shady acts. They know whether or not you’re using a bot. And if they do find out you’re using one, you’re banned. So to solve that issue, most bots offer the feature of using multiple proxies when running them.

Every extra proxy you add is an extra chance you get. However, the issue is what type of sneaker proxies should you use? And which ones will work best with your bot?

To quickly summarize how proxies differ, let’s begin with the fact that there are three types of proxies used in web browsing. And since you’re technically “Buying Online” when you’re copping, these are the types of proxies you’re likely to be using.


HTTP Sneaker Proxy


Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP is a protocol for transmitting and displaying files on the Internet.
HTTP Proxies are the most common and widely used among proxies. They act as a high-performance content filter which examines Web traffic to identify suspicious content, such as spyware, malformed content, or any type of external attack. However,  when using a conventional HTTP proxy all information transmitted through it can be intercepted placing a user’s privacy at high risk.
Regarding the anonymity they provide, there are 3 types of HTTP proxies and each provides a different level of security for the user.

Transparent Proxies: Show and pass the user’s real IP address in HTTP headers throughout the time of internet Browsing. The use of Transparent HTTP Proxies can endanger your privacy since no anonymity what so ever is provided

Anonymous Proxies: They do not convey the real IP address of the user, but they still do not provide complete anonymity for the activities a user performs online are still visible.

Elite Proxies: They Provide the highest level of anonymity for the user. Not only is the IP address not shown, Elite proxies can mask a user’s activity.

HTTPS proxy with bots

HTTPS Sneaker proxy


HTTPS Sneaker proxy, in fact, the secure version of HTTP. SO yes, “S” stands for secure”. These proxies are used when you want to send sensitive information (eg usernames/passwords, Credit card numbers). on the Internet. Therefore, the HTTPS protocol is used to secure personal data, while all traffic is encrypted and resistant to decryption.

When trying to cop online with or without a bot, you’re actually sharing some really critical information. You’re requested to enter your full name, email and billing, and shipping information. And while you’re desperate to cop exclusive sneakers, you surely don’t want your bank account robbed or email hacked. That’s when an HTTPS proxy saves the day.

HTTPS proxy is definitely you’re way to go with bots. They’re reliable, secure and do the job of masking your IP address and giving you unlimited chances at copping.


Socks Sneaker Proxy


A SOCKS server is a general purpose proxy server that establishes a connection on behalf of a client. The server then manages all the communication between the client and a certain server. All while providing a completely different IP address than that of the user. So SOCKS proxies are IP addresses a SOCKS server issues to manage the route between a client and other servers on the network.

While HTTPS Sneaker proxies are the right option when copping with a bot, Socks Proxies tend to be more advanced and provide the highest level of security for web users.

The problem however with a Socks Proxy is that applications that require the direct use of proxies do not support them. This means that since sneaker bots allow a user to import proxies and directly use them, Socks proxies do not function on them.

So regardless of what you’re trying to cop, or if you’re using a bot or not, proxies are a big deal. With copping sites setting out more barriers and making coping a more difficult task, you need help. Proxies will shield your identity and give you more chances to cop. Sneaker bots need to be heavily equipped to forcefully penetrate the sites and grab your favorite items.


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