3 Helpful Tips To Cop Limited Kicks With Sneaker Proxies

Sneaker sites dropping limited edition kicks, Such as Adidas, are getting better at banning people. Standing in their way and holding them off from buying more than one pair. To bypass that, sneakerheads turn to sneaker proxies.

It could be tricky to know where to start from when using sneaker proxies. Whether you have a bot or not, you need to have sneaker proxies on your side. Especially if you’re planning to cop multiple pairs of limited releases like Yeezys.

Cop From Other Countries

Who says you have to wait until the splash page goes live in your country? Adidas drops its hyped sneakers in different locations at different times throughout the big day. Get a better chance of copping using sneaker proxies located in different countries. Not only does this help overcome geographic obstacles, it also decreases your ping latency so you can get faster at copping in this race.

Worried about the shipping? Well, you can use a forwarding service to ship to wherever you are in the world. You can choose one from this list of reliable parcel forwarding companies. This way you can cop the sneakers you like, not only many times from the same website, but from different places in the world. And within a few weeks, a whole load of sneakers will be at your doorstep.

Careful Which Websites You Test Sneaker Proxies

As soon as you get your proxies, you could get tempted to test them on sneaker sites you want to cop from. The tip here is DON’T! Some Sneaker site could have a flag system that blocks bots. So when you run a ping test, they could ban your proxy for bot-ish behavior. And for the sake of the test, you’d have lost one precious proxy. If not more.

The best thing to do is check your proxies on other websites where you won’t risk having them banned. You can also test your proxies on a bot if you have one with such a feature. 

Make Sure Your Sneaker Proxies Work With A Bot

You might want to consider investing in a bot with the growing competition in the race for kicks. And we understand that and even support such a move. Bots help you increase your chance of copping hyped sneakers. You get hundreds of chances to cop a pair, if not more. However, you must know that when using a bot, you definitely need proxies. Sneaker proxies are made to avoid bans. Bans which will surely happen when you try to cop very fast, which is how a bot actually works. So to avoid the bans, proxies make it seem like several people trying to buy the kicks, in a fast way. Thus, making you look less shady. 

In addition, you will need different accounts with appointed shipping and CC information because, on hyped releases, every person gets to have only one pair. So having multiple billing information, shipping information and Credit Cards set up, will keep you in the clear.

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