What are the Best Proxies? Understanding Different Types of Proxies

With so many different types of proxies that you often ask yourself, what are the best proxies to use on limited releases like Nike, Adidas, or Supreme? Well, to answer your question, let’s go into the most common proxies and understand the different characteristics which can get you limited items as you see in the photo below.


Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are proxies that are open to the public, aka. public proxies. Basically, you’re sharing with others, so that means these proxies are slow, laggy, and unsafe. The bottom line is that they are not reliable for using sneaker bots, especially since you will putting private information on the bot like your address and credit card information.


Semi-Dedicated Proxies

A step up from using shared proxies is to use semi-dedicated proxies. You only share 0the proxies with a couple other people,Ā hence the name. These proxies are optimal to use when you just want to hide your IP address when you want to anonymously search things, or stream or download videos, files, etc.


The Best Proxies: Dedicated Proxies

The best proxies for sneaker copping and buying limited items are Dedicated proxies.Ā These are private proxies that have their own IP addresses, which are dedicated to their users. This means the user will be completely anonymous when using the dedicated proxies.

Not sharing your proxies also means that your connection will be faster and more efficient. Finally, these are 100% times safer than using shared or semi-dedicated proxies. You’ll be private, and your personal information will not be compromised by hackers.


Dedicated Sneaker Proxies

The best sneaker proxies are dedicated proxies. You can get your sneaker proxies from many different providers, but not all providers take the time to ensure that their proxies are optimizedĀ for sneaker releases. The best sneaker providers make sure that they deliver the best quality dedicated proxies that are optimized and placed near sneaker server locations.


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