Ready to Secure the Adidas Yeezy 500 Blush?

The Adidas Yeezy 500 Blush is dropping in April. That’s one of the many reasons to get sneaker proxies in 2018. While you may have mixed feelings about this shoe, here’s why getting it is a good idea: It’s a relatively cheap designer-shoes. You can flip them for some profit on the resellers’ market. If you don’t want to flip it, you’d enjoy flexing high-end sneakers. […]

Sneaker Bot Proxies: How Many Proxies Do I Need For a Sneaker Bot?

The hype behind sneaker collecting and reselling is more popular than ever before. Thanks to social media platforms, sneaker bots, servers, and sneaker bot proxies more people are able to cop. Sneakerheads and resellers alike flex their kicks and streetwear style for likes and those ego-boosting DMs. Sneakerheads are also becoming resellers. What is a more efficient way to make up for paying high prices to […]

When Should You Have Shoe Proxies to Cop Sneakers in 2018?

People all over the world have been doing the impossible to attain their favorite exclusive Kanye West design with the ever-growing hype of Yeezys. In 2018, we’ve got the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Sesame and Butter, a Powerphase, the Desert Rat, and many elusive shoes. One of the most efficient things these sneaker lovers do to get their Yeezys is buying a bot. Bots allow users a […]

3 Helpful Tips To Cop Limited Kicks With Sneaker Proxies

Sneaker sites dropping limited edition kicks, Such as Adidas, are getting better at banning people. Standing in their way and holding them off from buying more than one pair. To bypass that, sneakerheads turn to sneaker proxies. It could be tricky to know where to start from when using sneaker proxies. Whether you have a bot or not, you need to have sneaker proxies on […]

How to Prepare for the Yeezy Desert Rat 500 Release?

With a new release coming soon, you’re probably wondering how to be fully ready for when the Yeezy Desert Rat 500 Drops. Copping Yeezys is a very delicate process that requires preparations and having the right tools. SO read on to know exactly what you need and how to use it.   Buy a Bot   If you’re dead-serious about copping the Yeezy Powerphase Black, […]

Sneaker Proxies From High Risk Geolocations

When you’ve just purchased a sneaker bot, the next thing that will come to your mind is Sneaker Proxies. And that’s about right. For a sneaker bot alone would give you “Extra Speed” to cop your favorite kicks but just one chance. So it’s only with proxies that you get multiple chances to cop and mess up as well. Now, of course, it’s obvious that […]

Shared, Semi-dedicated and Private Proxies What is the difference Between Them?

Do you need proxies? You definitely do, why else would you be here for? You’re here trying to know how proxies differ and which type best suits your needs. Probably your Yeezy copping needs. Well if Yeezys are why you’re here, then go for Sneaker Private Proxies.   What Are Proxies? And What Are Sneaker Proxies?   Proxies are used as mediators between users and […]

How Secure is It To Use a Sneaker Bot to Cop Yeezys?

The race for Yeezys as we know it may seem to be at a standstill at the moment, but this could be the calm before the storm. Kanye and Adidas have played it well this Yeezy season to defeat sneaker bot users and put them to shame. Sneaker bots were able to cop a very small percentage of the Semi Frozen Yellow release. It was […]

HTTP, HTTPS and Socks Sneaker Proxies, Which Go Best With Your Bot?

With all the hype and interest surrounding limited edition items, people needed to figure out a way to get their hands on those items.Yeezy Sneakers, Supreme gear, and even concert tickets sell out in a blink of an eye, or a click of a mouse. So the only way to do it nowadays is through bots. Since you’re already here, you probably know about bots, […]

Do I Really Need Sneaker Proxies to Cop?

Getting limited edition sneakers like Yeezys NMDs and Jordans can be a tricky process. It usually requires fast internet, fast computers and a really superhuman fast sneaker addict. And even when all the logistics are there, you only get one chance. One in a million, or in a couple of millions. So to increase their chances at copping, people in the past few years have been relying […]

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