Sneaker Proxies: Your Way to Cop Sneaker Releases Coming This November

You all know the trick when it comes to copping sneakers. You almost can never make it without a sneaker bot, a server, and sneaker proxies. And the more hyped and exclusive a sneaker release is, the more desperately you need those proxies. A whole big bunch of them. But how many will you need when you got a whole month of limited sneaker releases? […]

How Sneaker Proxies Can Help You Win Over Sneaker Bots

Regardless of all the changes happening in the sneaker industry, the game is still the same. A very limited release drops and every sneakerhead on the earth rushes to cop it. And, of course, most of these sneakerheads fail at doing so. Only because they refuse to use an all-mighty sneaker bot: that blessed automation software that can help you cop as many sneakers as you want, […]

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