Feast Your Eyes on the Adidas ZX500 RM Son Goku Sample

The hype for the Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collaboration is growing as the year unfolds. While summer will be an epic month for Yeezy releases, we’re looking forward to photos from the Adidas DBZ collection to start leaking on the internet. As a matter of fact, remember when we thought the bright orange Adidas Yung-1 was Goku’s shoe? Well, taking only one look at the Adidas ZX500 RM Son Goku will challenge that thought in an instant.

Adidas ZX500 RM "Son Goku" Sample 🔌 thoughts?

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Adidas x Dragon Ball Z

Looking at the post below, it’s not hard to see why everyone would have mistaken the Falcon Dorf, aka Yung-1, for the Goku shoe. The strange silhouette and unique colorway are mysteriously so reminiscent of the Super Saiyan. However, the Adidas Yung-1 is yet to be seen in a white, pink, and purple Frieza colorway.

But the earliest leaks about the Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collection state that the Goku will embody the Adidas ZX500 RM. This photograph below is from Yeezy Mafia (their account which is now suspended due to the Kim-Kanye thing).

Adidas ZX500 RM son goku

New silhouettes are dropping to make way for this collab. Models like the Deeprut, Prophere, and Kamanda have already been in the spotlight this year. And of course, the Falcon Dorf was reintroduced as the Yung-1. All four of these silhouettes are allegedly dropping within the Adidas and Dragon Ball Z collection.

Copping Adidas ZX500 RM Son Goku

Rumors are that the Adidas ZX500 RM Son Goku will drop sometime in August 2018. Alongside it or following it is the Frieza Yung-1. This shoe, as well as the entire collaboration, will be a challenge to cop due to limited stock.

That’s the case of most collabs these days. Not only will stock numbers be an issue, but you will without a doubt come face to face with sneaker bots on release day.

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