A Simple Guide to Datacenter & Residential Sneaker Proxies

If you want to buy sneakers or limited apparel like Supreme but don’t know which sneaker proxies to use, you’ve come to the right place. There’s no need to be ashamed if you’re not into tech. We’ll make it easy for you. We’ll teach you the most efficient way to cop limited items and sneakers so that you’ll always maximize your chances. 😎


Sneaker Proxies

Dedicated proxies are hands-down the best sneaker proxies you can have. But the question is which dedicated proxies do you need? The first step is to know that somewhere along the line, you will require two different types of proxies: datacenter proxies and residential proxies.


Datacenter Proxies

These proxies are the most common types. They are independent of your internet service provider and will hide your IP address by masking it with another one.

You can buy many datacenter proxies that will each have their own IP addresses, hence seem as though coming from different locations. It’s easy to change your location with datacenter proxies. For example when a video or site is not available in your country, just use a datacenter proxy.

When buying items from Shopify sites, you’d want to aim for datacenter proxies located closer to Shopify servers since they’ll have high ping time, hence you’ll experience less lag.


Residential Proxies

You’re probably using a residential proxy right now. Residential proxies come with your internet. If you’re connected to WiFi, you’re using one. Moreover, the site you’re visiting will know your location (city, country) and your internet service provider.

Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and, Footsites like Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs, Footaction, etc. all require residential proxies. It would look less suspicious to be issued from an internet service provider rather than use a datacenter proxy.

Your buying journey will be more efficient and you’ll be less likely to get banned. You can get banned by for many reasons, especially if the website detects that you’re located in a high-risk area.


Which is better?

It depends on which sites you plan to buy from. If you’re planning on buying from Shopify sites (e.g. YeezySupply, Bape, or Kith) there should be no problem using datacenter proxies. However, if you want to access Nike, Adidas, Supreme, or the Footsites, then you need residential proxies.



It’s very important to buy residential proxies from a credible proxy provider, because some people may scam you by selling you datacenter sneaker proxies while claiming they’re residential. Then before you know it, you’d get banned from websites without knowing why. Plus you would have spent a lot of money on nothing.


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