7 Best Sneaker Proxy Providers for Yeezy Releases in 2018

You’re here because you know how things go in the sneaker industry these days. You have your bot and now you‘re looking for sneaker proxies. In this article, you will find the best sneaker proxy providers for Yeezy releases and more.

Note: Some sneaker proxies will work better for you than others, depending on what bot you’re using. We are not ranking these sneaker proxy providers, we’re merely listing in case you want to know the best kinds out there.



The sneaker proxy that seems to be everywhere these days. Go to any sneaker bot’s Twitter timeline and you’ll definitely find @BrazyKicks mentioned in a few shoutouts. Offering reliable, and high-speed sneaker proxies that will last you 3 days and will cost you around $0.99/proxy. However, the biggest issue with BrazyKicks is that their proxies sellout faster than Supreme gear. So if you intend on buying BrazyKicks proxies make sure you’re always on Twitter for updates and ready to buy.



ChiCooked sneaker proxy providers

Looking for Yeezy-only proxies? Look for ChiCooked, they offer dedicated rotating which is a great advantage over other proxy providers. ChiCooked claims that the proxies they offer will work on all sneaker sites without getting banned. And though this might be true since they’re dedicated, any misuse from your side might result in an immediate ban, especially on Adidas. Proxies you buy will be delivered to you a day before the release. ChiCooked offers several bundles starting with a minimum of 25 proxies for $30 and up to 100 proxies for $105.

Yeezy Servers

Yeezy Servers sneaker proxy providers

Also offering top-notch high-performance and private proxies, are YeezyServers. That sounds a little confusing we know, but along with Yeezy Servers, we offer bundles of dedicated proxies that are located near sneaker sites to increase your chances at copping. The prices range from $1.74/proxy a month and up to $4.9. The bigger the bundle, the more proxies you’ll get the more your copping power increases.



eproxies sneaker proxy providers

Offering a range of dedicated proxies costing $1.83 up to $2.5 per proxy. While this might sound like a lot of money, these sneaker proxies will work for up to a month. So in the case of a hectic Yeezy release like that last one, you’d actually be saving money. If a proxy didn’t work, Eproxies promises you’ll get a free replacement. Unlike other proxy providers, however, Eproxies do not have Supreme-compatible proxies.



CoppedProxies sneaker proxy providers

With CoppedProxies the process differs somewhat. You’re not buying sneaker proxies, you’re actually getting an unlimited number of them. What you pay for them is the bandwidth consumption. The range of prices goes from $25 per GB up to $35, depending on how much bandwidth you’ve consumed. CoppedProxies also have 24/7 support and like Chicooked also boasts about providing rotating proxies.


AIO Bot Proxies

AIO Bot Proxies

You can also use proxies provided by your sneaker bot. AIO Bot offers a range of proxies from Yeezys to Supreme. They have four different packages. Prices start at $20/10 proxies, up to $150/100 proxies.


Yeezy Proxies

YP Logo


Obviously, we can’t end this list without mention our own Yeezy Proxies. We offer premium dedicated 24-hour proxies that are optimized for Yeezy releases. That means we support different sites such as Yeezy Supply, Adidas US, Adidas EU, Footsites and more. Our proxies are subnet ban proof and compatible on all Yeezy bots.


While Using Sneaker Proxy Providers

Do not by any means run more than 1 task per proxy. All sneaker proxy providers recommend that you use a different proxy for each task. Running two tasks or more per proxy will seem as if one person is trying to cop several times, which is against the policies of almost all sneaker sites. Such an action will result in banning the proxy you were using, losing several tasks because of one mistake.

So now you have an idea on which sneaker proxies to buy on the next Yeezy release. And while you might favor some over others, you’d be good using any of the sneaker proxy providers we’ve listed. We’re pointing that out because, when a Yeezy release draws closer, your proxy provider might run out of sneaker proxies, and you may need to resort to another provider.

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